Will Scott
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Disney Cast Members take over Facebook...

...not in the way you might be thinking however.

I recently stumbled upon this website through a friend of mine called Castmember.com , an interactive web community specifically designed and operated by Disney Cast Members past and present.

It's operated entirely almost the same as Facebook where users can interact with other cast members around the world through wall posts, group discussions and photo upload capabilities. It even has a user feed just like Facebook that lets you know what your friends are up to and what groups have been updated.

What I find most interesting is being a social networking site itself, it encompasses a lot of other social networking sites within it like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and more all in their own database so that friends can browse their friends other social networking sites without even leaving the website.

There's also a "CastBlog" feature (mirroring Facebook's "Notes" function) where cast members' blogs can be read by other members of the site - leaving opportunities for others to make friends and get to know them.

 I haven't been able to explore the website fully but I joined on Monday and I have one friend so far, my future co-worker Jaime. I don't know how popular this will be on my list of websites to visit every day but it looks interesting none-the-less. 

Have you guys heard about this website? And if you're on it please be my friend...being the Social Networking fiend that I am, I can't stand not having online friends. I just won't stand for it.