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No More Main Entrance Passes?

So I know it's late, and I have to be up for our school's Dance Marathon tomorrow morning (GO DM!) but this was on my mind. I recently got a Campus Rep Email concerning Cast Member's maingate passes. Basically, they're cutting out giving Temporary Cast Members and theirMaingate Passes unless they work one shift (6 hours first). Here's part of the email I received...

Due to a recent company-wide effort to maintain consistency with issuing Main Entrance Passes (MEP), all Casual Temporary (CT) Cast Members are ineligible to receive a pass prior to having worked a paid shift. Now, all Cast Members must first work one paid, on-site shift to be eligible to receive a MEP. As a Campus Rep who is statused as CT, you will need to work a paid shift at the Walt Disney World Resort. To schedule a shift, please follow the process outlined in the Campus Rep Handbook. Contact the Campus Rep Inbox if you have any additional questions regarding this process. Please note that all shifts will be available solely based on business need at your former work area. Once you have worked your shift, a MEP request will be submitted for you. The pass will be mailed to your permanent address two weeks after you completed your shift.

They said they're doing this to maintain uniformity and such, but part of me is wondering if the recession is partly responsible. I know myself, I haven't been down to FL since I left almost two years ago, and I've received 3 MEP's, 2 of which I haven't used yet. They might be doing this to cut down the costs of sending out MEP's to CT's who might not even use them in the at all. Could this be a reason why they're purging some seasonal members as well?

This really doesn't affect me because I'll be a CP in May and I'll have used my MEP for the year by the end of my term, but this does affect my other friends who aren't doing the Summer Alumni Program and who aren't full time cast members (i.e. Campus Representatives, Seasonal, etc.)...

What do you guys think? What's the real deal? Remember, If you're looking at this on Facebook, make sure to visit the original post this came from at http://willsfantasmicjourney.blogspot.com/

In other news...54 Days until i move to Florida for the summer! I'm so excited! I've already begun packing!

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I just think this is hilarious.

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Roomate Notification...To Do or not To Do?

So I got an email today from casting/recruiting letting me know the opportunity to put myself in the roommate selection database was available to me. Basically what this is is a way for me to know the identity of one of my roommates way in advance so I can meet them, chat with them and get to know them before my program begins.

It seems like a good idea, they do the same thing in university. However my experience with that my freshman year wasn't the best - I tried contacting my roommate about 5 times, said he was from Las Vegas, on the 6th try his dad picked up and said he dropped out of school and to stop calling. Hence I didn't have a roommate for the first 2 days of freshman year, but that's besides the point...

It would be nice to know who I'm sharing a room with for the three months but the only problem I have with the system is that once you sign up, and if the person you're automatically matched with has signed in before you did and already preferences their housing option, you automatically get stuck with that housing.

Me myself, I would like to be put in Patterson Court. The chances of that happening? I'm not so sure, but it would be good to have the option. If I get matched up with someone who previously selected Chatham Square (where I stayed on my last program - really nice apartments) or even worse Vista Way (party central, really small apartments, yet equally friendly) I have no choice in the matter. Plus, they didn't have this option during my first program so I went in blind. I ended up being good friends with all 5 of my roomates and we all stay in contact today. In fact One of my roomates Jeff, currently is a castmember and I'll be seeing him in May, and my actual roomate Terrence lives in Tallahasse and said he'd come visit in the summer. So I don't have a problem with rooming blind.

Yet on the other hand, getting to know someone in advance leaves many opportunities open. We could figure out who brings what, what our interests are and help us to be better roommates before we even get down to Florida.

What do you guys think? Should I go into the roommate selection option and hope for the best? Should I put all my eggs in one basket on move-in day and hope I get the housing option I want and a good roommate? The answers aren't clear, and I have time to decide. It's not necessarily life or death right now but something to consider...

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Talky Blogs: Purple Folder and 60 Day Countdown

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60 Day Countdown!

As I sit here facing my computer looking at my Pirates of the Caribbean flag in the background and my many Disney paraphernalia around my room including (but not limited to), many lanyards of pins, a goofy pirate hat, my character autograph book, Stitch (both regular and (Tower of Terror edition) dolls, Campus Rep bag, Disney College Program banner, Mickey Mouse doll, my graduation ears from my last program and many many photos of friends and characters met...i can't help but smile as I internally shout:


I was accepted into the Disney College Summer Alumni program on February 20th after one month of patiently waiting for my purple folder to come. The moment I heard about the summer alumni program (which was on the first day they announced it) I didn't hesitate to apply. Partly because I was super excited, and partly because I applied for the Disney Land Summer Alumni program last summer, and they never even let me know if I was aaccepted or not, so I wanted to make sure my information was in on the first day.

My role is Merchandise, and I hope to God that I get put back into the Emporium. As much as I complained about it when I was on my first program, I miss the place. The people, the co-workes, the atmosphere, the rush, the way that people always seemed to ask stupid quesitons , the way that the shop would get flooded after the fireworks, the long hours, the frustrating managers, the painfully uncomfortable and tacky costumes...everything.

More than that, I'm excited to be on this program because I'm using it as a chanse to network. I plan on auditioning for a role with the company after graduation and this would be a great place to start. Although sumemr alumni CP's are not able to attend classes, there are still speaker series available and chanses to network. I plan on taking full advantage of it, making business cards, making contacts, shadowing, anything I can do to get my name out there.

Also I get to see old friends again doign the program with me, this time around, I'm gonna have the time of my life and I'll never forget it.

So you're thinking to yourself...Why do I care?...I mean you're visiting this site for a reason anyway...unless it just to happened to pop up under "I'm feeling lucky" under Google in that case...WELCOME! But ther reason you should care is because you're going to be expereinceing everything I do with me! I plan on making this blog not only so I can remember everyhing that happened leading up to and during my program, but to share it with my friends and loved ones! So suscribe, bookmark, whatever you want to do with this page because I'll be updating it frequently with everything relating to my program, anything Disney and anything particualry interesting relating to those topics lol.

This year the park's theme is "What Will You Celebrate?" It's only March and that quesiton has already been answered for me...I'm celebrating being a castmember at the Walt Disney World Resort once again!!

Who's excited? You're excited!! Heck, I'M EXCITED!!

Have a Magical Day!

- Will

(60 Days)

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