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Start the Party! Character Performer Auditions!

Some more vlogs coming your way. I went to Character Performer auditions for the College Program (see this post for reasons and an explanation) today. Here's what I got out of it:
  • An amazing opportunity for growth and knowledge in a subject about Disney that I didn't know much about (I know right?).
  • A solid group of friends that I will be communicating and building relationships around come January.
  • Experience
  • Weight Loss (if only a little)...
  • Olive Garden
From what I've heard they are taking around 250 of the 1000 people that auditioned this past week. Whats the chance that my height range and talent will get me one of those 250 spots? well if you're good at math, that's 25%. If you're not (like myself) that's not alot. But yet and still, I went on the audition to have fun and to try something new. Mission accomplished.

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