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Talky Blog: Frat House Tour!

Wow! I make alot of Talky Blogs...I have a problem!
"Hi! My name is Will, and I'm addicted to making Talky Blogs!"
Anyway, I'll get pack to regular posting sometime this weekend... this week has been crazy stressed out with reports and homework and the like so until then, enjoy this next Talky Blog where you'll get a tour of my fraternity house plus some other updates with me and the college program.

23 Days until the best summer job ever!

- Will

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2 drivers kiled in head-on collision on Disney Proprty

Sad day...again. I woke up to this on the Orlando Sentential

Two people died in a head-on collision on Epcot Center Drive early Sunday,
Florida Highway Patrol said.A 50-year-old Orlando man was traveling north on
Epcot Center Drive in the wrong direction at about 2 a.m. Authorities said he
collided with a Honda that was driving south. Both vehicles caught on fire, and
both drivers were trapped in their vehicles.They died at the scene of the
accident, FHP said.The driver of the Honda was 19-year-old Aaron Pichoff of
. Authorities have not released the name of the other

Investigators have not yet determined whether the driver of the
first car had been drinking.

This news follows from a couple of weeks ago when a Cast member was killed in an automobile accident with a Disney World Bus. I strongly urge all of my Cast member friends to drive safely and be very aware of your surroundings.

Please keep the families of all the victims in your thoughts and prayers.

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Talky Blog: I can has survey plz?

Talky Blog interviewing myself so you can get to know me better...plus a few other updates as well...

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