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DISCLAIMER: it's now 2:18am and I should be in bed, but a good Blogger never turns down their thoughts for sleep. So any misspellings or rambles is completely and directly related to my stubbornness and lack of sleep.

During my daily Twittering, I noticed John Hensel made this tweet about working over 145 hours this week because of the Easter Holiday. He even made this video for his YouTube subscribers apologizing that he won't be able to make a full-video due to his lack of sleep and excessive work schedule (okay so maybe not ALL good bloggers turn down their thoughts for sleep!):

This led me to thinking, I know it's a holiday weekend, ergo a lot of people will be spending time at the parks...but does over 145 hours seem a little excessive? When I was a CP in '07, they capped our hours during holiday and peak times at 60-something and wouldn't allow us to work longer than that...and I worked on Main Street in the Emporium! We would always get flooded during the day and especially at night-time after the fireworks when everyone was exiting the parks.

Anyone I've worked with, who has worked in the Emporium or even visited the shop knew how terribly busy we were. Anyone who closed would yearn for the time when managers would say gather round and we would wave goodbye to electronic Mickey as he reminded us to have a magical day and we would slavishly wander in the tunnel to the bus to take us home (or for us CP's, the bus to take us to the OTHER bus to take us home...)

I remember one time I had to work until 3 or 4am (I think it was also around Easter time), got home at around 3:30 because of stupid American Coach (but we'll save that for a different time) and had to be up and back at work at 8am the next day. I was not magical that day let me tell you that.

Even when I worked Grad Nights in May and we would get down close to 5 in the am and some people just stayed in costume downstairs because they had to be back in 5 hours to work a 14 hour shift and felt staying downstairs would benefit more than 3 hours in bed!

Trying to think of the major holidays I'll be working this summer makes me both excited and partially scared: July 4th, Father's Day, heck just summer in general!

So I definitely feel John's pain and I understand it's a holiday weekend, but 145 hours? Really Mickey? What do you guys think? Any work experiences where scheduling just didn't seem to be your friend? Leave them in the comments blow...

Okay the furnace just turned on and being up alone in the basement of my apartment is scaring me so I'm going to bed. Have a magical night!


  1. That's 145 over 2 weeks, there's only 168 hours in a week so it would be more than 20 a day. This way it's about 10 hours a day, which isn't so surprising.

  2. Oh! Well that makes more sense! Yet and still he still seems pretty wiptes out because they have him working late shifts and turning around and working early shifts not allowing him to get aenough sleep. It's happened to me before as well...

  3. Yeah, I'd be wiped out if I was working 70 hours a week too. I can barely handle 40 though, haha. And I remember getting home at 1 and having to catch the 6am bus back, but mine was just because there were so few buses to my location, it was supposed to be 8 hours off.