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Disney Look: This could be a problem!! + Other Disney Updates

So I was shaving today and it reminded me of the problems I could have while trying to follow the oh-so-highly-regarded Disney Look. Now don't get me wrong, I like the Disney Look, don't have any problems with my (lack of) hair, fingernails (I bite them), personal hygiene (I shower daily)  and tattoos and/or piercings - mainly because I don't have any.

The number one thing that caused a problem for me on my last program was shaving. During my last program I shaved with a razor every other day to make sure my face was clean shaven.

Now let me get something out of the way...I'm African American (**GASP!/SHOCK!**) and my hair grows differently than other people! It curls and it's hard (almost impossible) to shave completely with an electric razor which doesn't do any damage to my skin. During Check-In Day, I shaved with my electric razor to see what they would say and I thought I did a pretty good job, but they said I could've shaven a little bit more. I did the same one day when I went into work and my manager handed me a razor and told me to go downstairs to shave because I left stubble.

If I shave with a non-electric razor, my skin - while it gets clean - eventually develops bumps where in-grown hairs get stuck because they curl deep into the skin and my skin gets itchy and starts to burn. It gets annoying during my shift to continually rub it - especially if I'm not having  such a 'magical' day!

I tried using rubbing alcohol and and Aloe to rub on my skin and they either didn't help or made things worse...

So I go back in May and I've been conditioning my skin to shave as close as possible with my electric razor and it's been getting really close...I plan on not shaving with a non-electric razor for check-in day and seeing what they say. Hopefully they won't make me shave more cause my skin can't take it!

What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions for me to try? Any 'Disney Look' experiences to share? 

In other Disney news: 
  • A New Store in Downtown Disney opened today replacing Summer Sands - it's a trendy (haha get it?) designer boutique that has designers like Roxy, Kidada Jones, Tarina Tarantino. The merchandise they sell here can’t be found in any other store at Walt Disney World.

  •  The Flower and Garden Festival is happening at EPCOT. This year's theme is "Celebrate Springtime" with 70 amazing topiaries featuring your favorite Disney characters." Although EPCOT isn't my favorite park to visit, it's still nice to walk through and see what they do with all the topiary there it's pretty amazing. Visit my Facebook Album "CP Graduation/Last few weeks of Disney Magic!!!!" <--yes, there are 3 exclamation points...get over it lol 
  • The Official Countdown is 53 Days! Getting excited every minute!
In Non-Disney News:
For anyone interested, we raised over $126,000 during BGSU's Dance Marathon for the Children's Miracle Network and St. Vincent's hospital in Toledo, OH! I'm very proud of all my DM'er and for me it's a bittersweet moment because it was my last DM as an undergrad. But I plan on coming back as an Alumni Dancer so we'll see how that goes! I posted a Vlog during Dance Marathon yesterday so check it out below or here!

Thats about it! Enjoy your week and I hope it's magical!

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  1. I have the same problem my facial hair constantly grows and I hope my electric liners work good enough for disney.