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No More Main Entrance Passes?

So I know it's late, and I have to be up for our school's Dance Marathon tomorrow morning (GO DM!) but this was on my mind. I recently got a Campus Rep Email concerning Cast Member's maingate passes. Basically, they're cutting out giving Temporary Cast Members and theirMaingate Passes unless they work one shift (6 hours first). Here's part of the email I received...

Due to a recent company-wide effort to maintain consistency with issuing Main Entrance Passes (MEP), all Casual Temporary (CT) Cast Members are ineligible to receive a pass prior to having worked a paid shift. Now, all Cast Members must first work one paid, on-site shift to be eligible to receive a MEP. As a Campus Rep who is statused as CT, you will need to work a paid shift at the Walt Disney World Resort. To schedule a shift, please follow the process outlined in the Campus Rep Handbook. Contact the Campus Rep Inbox if you have any additional questions regarding this process. Please note that all shifts will be available solely based on business need at your former work area. Once you have worked your shift, a MEP request will be submitted for you. The pass will be mailed to your permanent address two weeks after you completed your shift.

They said they're doing this to maintain uniformity and such, but part of me is wondering if the recession is partly responsible. I know myself, I haven't been down to FL since I left almost two years ago, and I've received 3 MEP's, 2 of which I haven't used yet. They might be doing this to cut down the costs of sending out MEP's to CT's who might not even use them in the at all. Could this be a reason why they're purging some seasonal members as well?

This really doesn't affect me because I'll be a CP in May and I'll have used my MEP for the year by the end of my term, but this does affect my other friends who aren't doing the Summer Alumni Program and who aren't full time cast members (i.e. Campus Representatives, Seasonal, etc.)...

What do you guys think? What's the real deal? Remember, If you're looking at this on Facebook, make sure to visit the original post this came from at http://willsfantasmicjourney.blogspot.com/

In other news...54 Days until i move to Florida for the summer! I'm so excited! I've already begun packing!

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