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The Fairest of them All...

This could possibly be the coolest (if only) thing I have seen coming from a merger between Disney and Apple.

While this MacBook cover designed by a Flickr user isn't a certified product by the two companies, I still think it's pretty sweet. 

Details about the cover aren't clear, though it looks like a vinyl sticker pasted on. 

While creative, you can't help but look at the irony - while I'm sure pun was intended. Snow White fell into a fatal sleep when she bit into the poison apple given to her by (what was unknown to her) her wicked step-mother queen. Not to say Apple's technology can lead to death...it's still kind of funny.

It would've been even more awesome if the princess were on the right side of the apple making the bite seem more believable. Yet and still - I'm amused.



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