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Brotherly Love

I thought of this last night as I was squirming around trying to think of where m WDW CP ID was so that I can avoid a $35 fine from Access Control (which has now been found by my father in our massive basement - thanks dad!), that I'm really gonna miss my twin brother this summer.
We've never actually been apart for a long time, we practically grew up side-by-side. When we were younger, we grew up in a hotel. Mom was the lounge singer, and we had our own room in the hotel while mom slept in the living room. We got into such crazy antics all the time with our friend who worked at the candy counter (Who I had such a crush on) and our rich friend who's dad owned the hotel. We also went to high school together....on a cruise ship...oh wait, thats not my life. That's Dylan and Cole Sprouse on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody...my bad.

Okay, I don't have twin brother (wouldn't that be awesome?), but I do have a younger brother who's 18 and growing fast. We grew up together, practically side-by-side and this will be the second summer that I'll be away from him which is especially hard on me because he's graduating high school, and I won't be there to experience some of the important aspects of leaving High School: prom, graduation parties, getting ready for college....don't get me wrong, I'll be there for Graduation (I'm hopping a plane from Orlando on a Saturday, attending graduation on Sunday and hading back to work on Monday), I don't care if I get a reprimand, I will be there for his graduation...

But because of Disney being so far away from Michigan, I won't be there to guide him though some of these milestones like a big brother should. And that huts me inside. I want to make up for it through giving him a free vacation to Disney World, but he's been there so many times (including when I worked there in '07 for free) that he's probably sick of it by now...

We're going to college together for a semester, his first and my last, and I plan on spending alot of time with him to get him settled into the college life yet still giving him room to grow on his own, I just really wish that Disney World wasn't that far away this summer so I could be there to experience the traditions of leaving high school, like he did with me (albeit from far away because he was younger then).

I've never seen Brother Bear, but I might watch it to pick up some tips. =)
What about you? Any siblings or family members that you're sad to leae behind fo 5 - 8 months? Are your families going to come visit you on your program or vice-versa? Leave your stories in the comment below.
Have a Magical Day!

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