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I think It's Kind of Fun to Do the Impossible!

As I brush the dust off this blog, it pains me to think about how much I've experienced in the last 3 months and I have not jotted down a single memory of it. I'd like to think of it as "Gee, I've had so much fun on my program I havent had any time to sit down and tell everyone else!"

Let me clarify. My Summer Alumni Program ends on Friday. My last work shift is Today (BONUS It's a Glow Shift!) and I'm spending my last day at Magic Kingdom with my friends and family. This summer ahs gone by way to fast and I've met and connected with so many people on so many different levels it aches my heart to say goodbye to them for the time being.

As I look around Patterson Court to all the new people moving in with big smiles on their faces talking about how they cannot wait to start working and experiencing all this program has to offer....after laughing my butt off at their naivety, I smile and envy that time in my life when my program was just beginning and I was rediscovering everything all over again!

Like I said, I've met and connected with so many people...I'm so glad to have been invited and accepted by those I call my D-Family. I wouldn't have made it through the summer without these guys, coming home from a late work shift and hanging out and talking, always finding something to do on my days off with them...I should be packing but I just came home from spending lunch with a few including Caroline who'se birthday is today...(p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A little shout out...).

In addition I do apologize I haven't been updating this as much as I should've. I promised you I would update you as soon as things settled down....unfortunately they never did! Park visits, late night trips to Popeyes and DQ, Resort Hopping, Club going, Drama unfolding, tent sleeping, movie watching, relationship building, apartment cleaning, apartment moving-out-of, eating out, eaiting in, late-night talk fests, vlog making, laughing, playing, tearing, remembering...all of that got in the way...and you know what...I take it back. I'm not sorry. Because I would've rather hve all of those memories then to miss out on some of them. This will be a summer I will NEVER forget. Now don't worry, a vlog is coming soon with picture/video updates and I'll still continue to post here as long as there is SOMETHING Disney to talk about and lets face it...there always is. We (almost) own the world. ;)

This summer has changed me in ways I cannot even express in one blog. I've made relationships, found out new things about myself, discovered new adventures, made wonderful friends who've developed into family, had my heart broken and stitched back together, worked my BUTT off, made connections for the future, spent way too much money and discovered the magic inside my heart that never left and never will.

Although my program has ended, this isn't Goodbye...it's a "See You Soon." I plan on coming back in October for Mickey's not So Scary Halloween Party, and permanently in December if I get the Professional Internship I apply for. There is no way I'm letting go of the people and places I love here. Disney World is included in many of the places I love to call home and the family I have here will never be far from my heart.

Uncle Walt said it best: "All of our dreams can come true...if we have the courage to pursue them." All of my dreams came true this summer and there's no better place to fulfill them. And even though I'm heading back to the land of wind and show in Ohio...I'm taking the dream with me and sharing it with everyone.

To my D-Fam and everyone else who's shared this dream with me this summer....

See ya Real Soon!

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