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Sad Day at the Studios

I hate doing these type of posts...really I do. But thanks to The Disney Blog, I've learned of yet another accident at the Walt Disney World Resort.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Anislav Varbanov, 30, died Monday evening after he was hurt while performing a tumbling roll during a rehearsal for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, the 30-mimnute show at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

This comes as a shock to all of us castmembers especially because we have many stunt shows not only at the studios, but other stunts performed and carried out across the resort. It shows us that the stunts that our dedicated castmembers perform daily are seriously dangerous and should not be performed at home.

I've seen the show a couple of times the most recent being about a month ago with a few of my friends from work. I'm not sure what role Anislav performed but I'm sure he will be dearly missed by the rest of the Indiana Jones cast and the rest of the cast members who were dear to him.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Orange County Sheriff's Office are investigating the accident.

The Indiana Jones show is typically performed five or six times a day. But a Disney spokeswoman said this morning that resort opted to cancel all performances today "out of respect for the cast."

I'm urging all my friends and family who are castmembers to please take caution down in Florida while performing your role. Accidents do happen as we have seen all this summer. Remember in seriousness... Safe-D beings with Me.

Lets all keep the family of Anislav in our thoughts and prayers today.

UPDATE (8/19/09): I was just informed that The Federal Government is investigating Disney World for the string of 3 deaths that occured this summer - including the Monorail accident and the accident at Magic Kingdom involving a castmember performing in the Jack Sparrow Pirate Tutorial.

From reserach I've found that the government has investigated Disney World a total of 17 times in the past few years, most accident cases have been thrown out, others have cast faut on Disney because of safety errors. Most of these cases can be found by most search engines.

As a castmember I am unable to comment on any of these incidents or the safety regulations of search...but I can say that the Safety regulations brought and taught to us on day 1 are nothing less than exceptional and they even test us on safety regulations throughout our employment with the company. I do not feel that the government will hand down anything hard on WDW, but here's hoping things get better for the resort - soon.

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