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Kermit and Fozzie's Special Message!

Hey there! Will here!

So remember when I said earlier that the Muppets were getting into the Spirit of Give a Day, Get a Disney Day? Well A few friends of mine saw my blog post and wanted to give a special message to all you readers...take it away guys!

Remember, if you want to sign up for Give a Day, Get a Disney Day...head on over to the Disney Parks Website and click on the GADGADD logo. You'll find all the information you need there to begin your journey of VoluntEARing! Good luck and have a Magical Day!

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VoluntEARing Has it's Perks!


Although I am many things...as a blogger...well I kinda suck.

As I dust off this blog yet again for the third time...I'm reminded of the promise I made to all of my readers of how dedicated I was to keeping this alive. Well I never go back on my word so starting now...seriously...this blog will be active and lively. Everybody go "YAY!" As my video counterpart would say..."5 Second Dance Party!"

Now I'm sure I've missed alot of newsworthy and interesting Disney News in the last few months and you've missed out on alot about me. First off...Happy 2010! Here's what you missed in my Disney Life:

  • Got Accepted into the College Program as a Character Attendant for Spring 2010
  • I check in January 20th (that's really soon)
  • I did not get a Professional Internship
  • I did not get a Character Performer role.
  • I graduated College (yay!)
  • I acquired 5 awesome roommates
  • I will be living in Chatham Square
  • I went to Chicago with a bunch of CP's for "Christmas Under the Bean"
  • Most of my friends from Fall 2009 have finished their programs and left.
  • I picked up a few merch shifts the week before check-in and will be leaving in 4 days to complete them.
  • I will be working in the Emporium at MK, MouseGears at EPCOT and Tomorrowland (so far...)
  • Some people have already checked into their programs, gone through traditions and are starting training (w00t)
That's about it...to get the full scoop on me and my Disney life in the past two months...visit my Youtube and get some more info there. My hands hurt too much to type out everything.

Around this time of journeying to my college program (if you didn't catch it...this will be my third)...I'd make a packing blog for you guys to read about tips, tidbits and hints on how to pack for the Disney College Program whether you will be driving or flying (or maybe even walking...but that would be VERY far...) to Florida.

But...I already did that...so I won't.

What I will (no pun intended) focus on this blog...as this is my first blog of the new decade and something awesome is starting from Disney Parks, I'll elaborate a little bit on Give a Day...Get a Disney Day

Announced back in September 2009 and beginning January 2010, as a part of the theme for Disney Parks "What Will You Celebrate?", and as a replacement for the "Get in free on your birthday" incentive last year, Disney Parks organized a program that celebrates the spirit of volunteerism and giving. If you give a day of service, you receive one free day ticket to any Disney Theme Park.

"In 2010, we want to recognize and add one more reason for celebration: the contributions people make to their communities every day," said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. "We want to inspire 1 million volunteers – people who will invest time and energy to make their own communities and neighborhoods a better place."

Partnering with the HandsOn Network - the nation's largest volunteer network, users can go to www.DisneyParks.com and to search for volunteer areas and opportunities in their communities or districts.

Even the Muppet's are getting their hands on this action. If you haven't seen any of the commercials on your television, there are a few broadcast just like the one below to get people into the spirit of giving back. Also starting today, the Muppets honor guests who have given back to their communities through volunteerism at Disneyland park and Magic Kingdom park in Disney's Honorary Volunteer Cavalcade, featuring Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

As a Castmember and a longtime VoluntEAR, I feel that not only is this an amazing project and opportunity Disney is giving out to muster the spirit of giving, but it's also a great chance for the family to come together as a whole and share a good feeling...and then to experience a free day at a Disney Park because of it! I mean...who doesn't want a FREE day at Disney?

Even Disney Vloggers are getting into the spirit of Give a Day, Get a Disney Day. As a group, (generously and genially constructed by vlogger John Henselmier), we collaborated for YouTube's 2009 Project 4 Awesome (a day constructed by the VlogBrothers when NerdFighters and YouTubers gathered and made videos about their favorite charities in order to decrease World Suck) and made a video promoting VoluntEARS and GADGADD (Do you like my acronym? I made it mahself!) This video can be viewed below:

(P.S. More information will be given about thedisneyvloggers' YouTube channel when we make it big...we have huge plans in store for this channel!)

Alot of groundbreaking has already started on this project...I say this because the free ticket cut-off is at One Million. Yes that's right. Not that that limit should be an incentive to make you go out and volunteer yourself, the warm feeling you get when doing something for others should be enough...but...if you want that ticket, go to the site mentioned above and sign up now! To see more videos of Volunteer projects people have been involved in already, visit the Disney Park's Youtube Channel.

That's all I have for this post, stay tune and I promise I won't be lazy (even though I leave in 4 days for my next college program!) and post more interesting and pertinent Disney and College Program news to this channel. I love you all and Keep Moving Forward!

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