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I Spy With My Little Eye...a Celebrity!

So have you ever been walking around the parks either as a guest or a cast member and look across the way and shout either to yourself (if no-one else is around you) or to your friend next to you - (who's not paying attention because she's anxious to go on It's a Small World) "Hey! That's (Insert Celebrity Here)!!" - and try to restrain yourself from rushing over there for their autograph? Because you'd get terminated if you did so (maybe not as a guest but it'd just be tacky...I mean come on - they're on vacation too!).

A couple of days ago John Stamos and Tina Fey visited the Magic Kingdom and took a picture with Snow White, Cinderella and Belle inside Cinderella's castle. That got me to thinking back on my celebrity experiences as a cast member and those I've heard about:

  • During the cast preview of the Pirate and Princess Party (one of the perks of being a cast member - getting sneak peaks of events and attractions), it was rumored that the Jack Sparrow in the parade was actually Johnny Depp in makeup. From street view I could hardly tell the difference but it could've been. (I also heard that he was actually at the event, but hiding up on one of the roofs of Main Street watching the parade so I'm not sure which one to believe...
  • One time while browsing EPCOT, I saw both Steve Harvey and rapper Ludacris with his young daughter walking around the park. I was with friends and we were on a tight schedule though and there were already other people lining up around them. I didn't want to bother.
  • One time in the Magic Kingdom while waiting in line for Splash Mountain I saw the Harlem Globetrotter team exiting the special exit. They really stuck out. (Because they were very tall and surrounded by body guards)
  • While working Grad Night at the Emporium, one of my friends told me of his friend who worked the year previous that during his Grad Night he went to the service elevator to bring a bin of toys up to the floor and as soon as the elevator opened up Beyonce stepped out with a white flowing gown and the light was shining down on her. He didn't know what to do so he just fell to his knees and smiled. She smiled and asked him if he wanted a picture and he nodded. (this one I know is true because there's a picture of B with 3 princesses in front of the castle on one of our pictures for our Campus Rep display board!)
  • Also during Grad Night, as I was preparing for my 10pm shift riding the bus from Property Control to the Main Entrance way for cast members, The Fray (who was headlining that night) was on the bus just chilling! I got to chat with them and they said they had a little bit of time before they had to do a shound check and they were bored. It was awesome I didn't really know what to say but it was really cool.

That's all that I can remember for now. Anyone have any celebrity experiences of their own while on their program or at the parks? Any rumors you found out to be true/false? What about mine? Are they believable? Leave your stories in the comments.

In other news...Today marks the 50 Day Countdown until check in at Vista Way. I still have some things to figure out, like what to pack, what to take with, how much cash flow I need to survive for the first few weeks and where I want to live + how many roommates.

I'm making a Talky Blog later on today for a special person who just revived her letter after a LONG time of waiting so keep an eye out for that.

Nothing else to report! So with that...Have a magical day!

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