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I'll keep it short!

Happy Sunday!

I figured after the monstrosity that was my Pop Film essay that I posted on Thursday, I'd keep this post short. Big news (for me anyway) is that I've passed the 40 Day Countdown and things are finally starting to come together for me for the summer. I still have some paperwork I have to do, haven't found a roommate yet and I have to patiently wait until after finals to actually get my butt in gear and get things ready for the big move.

I'm kind of sad because the two BG Campus Reps I told you all were coming down with me are no longer accompanying me on this journey. Kelly has a teaching job this summer which she should totally take if she wants to graduate and Tana just told me yesterday she wasn't coming down anymore either...sadness personified. But at least I have Caitlin and all my other friends I've been communicating with through Youtube vlogging...

Speaking of which, my friend Michelle, whom I worked with at the Emporium, is uploading her first vlog today! (She's having trouble because YouTube is being stupid) so once she gets that posted I'll give you all a link.

Finally, someone needs to tell me why I am following Miley Cyrus on Twitter...cause I can't for the life of me. It just happened lol. I even taught her how to "@reply"!

Kay that's all for now, couldn't find a suitable topic to talk about so I thought I'd just update you. This wasn't really that short but shorter than my last post!

Have a magical week!

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