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What will people say when they hear that I'm a Disney-Freak?

I signed on to my iGoogle account this morning and saw under my Walt Disney Quote widget this interesting quote by the man himself:

All right. I'm corny. But I think there's just about a-hundred-and-forty-million people in this country that are just as corny as I am.
- Walt Disney

This left me thinking back on all the jokes and back-burns I've received ever since I came back from my first program in 2007 about how the "chip" has been activated in my head and I am a slave of the mouse and all that other crap.

Lets back-track: I truly am a kid-at-heart. I watch the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon - The-N, Cartoon Network (in addition to all the grown-up stations like MTV, CNN, MSNBC, BET, etc.) and I do watch shows like Hannah Montana, Wizard of Waverly Place, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Instant Star, The Suite Life On Deck, Sonny With a Chance...shall I go on?

I've watched these networks/shows long before I went on my program, my love for the Disney Company just enhanced my liking towards these networks just a little more after coming back. I especially hit it hard after moving into my fraternity house after coming back and watching my networks a la kids and getting mocked because of it.

Let me point out that I'm not bashing my fraternity brothers, quite the opposite really: I'm questioning society as a whole when it's "not okay" for a 21-year-old man to like High School Musical. Case in point, i was just ridiculed as I'm typing this by one of my fraternity brothers (I'm writing this blog in my computer lab) because 'Fantasmic' is apparantly not a word and the chip in the back of my brain is being activated at this very moment.

I laughed at the South Park episode with the Jonas Brothers and Mickey Mouse, I'm not a total noob when it comes to my interests and what not - but I don't like being put down because of my likes and dislikes.

I love (almost) all aspects of Disney - if I didn't I wouldn't strive so hard to further my career with the company. I am a kid-at-heart. And yes, at times I can be corny, I may imitate Mickey Mouse, I may have a crap-load of pins at my disposal, and yes, I have Hannah Montana, all High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Jake Epstien and many others on my iPod and listen to their music while walking to class

Am I a Disney-Freak? Yes. Am I proud of it? Yes. And you know what? Walt was right...there are over 40 million others like me who are proud of it as well. If it wern't for the corni-ness (is that a word?) of one man, the world would be such a different place!

So patronize me all you want. I'll continue to like what I like, do what I do and watch me ending being a CEO of Public Relations for some aspect of the Disney Company in 15 years, with a beautiful corner office, a spending budget, and a family I can share the experience with.


  1. If you're the CEO of disney something, will you hire me as an imagineer? Thanks :)

    -Allie Gold

  2. haha most defenitly Allie! We havae history! =P