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Survey? Why not!

So I was tagged in a survey and I thought I'd share it with you all...consider yourself tagged if you even bothered to read this!

Fill this out and tag (at least) 25 people you know who worked or still work at Disney... Remember to preserve the Disney magic with this thing though, folks. :)

  1. Do/did you take your costumes home or pick them up daily?
    I took mine home and picked up a good weeks worth and returned them when I was done to repeat the cycle.
  2. What locations do/did you work at?
    I mainly worked the the Emporium on Main Street in the MK, but was deployed a couple of times to Strollers, Glow and Adventureland. I also picked up a few shifts from time to time at DAK.
  3. Have you ever been on an opening crew?
    Yup, early mornings at the Emporium were KILLER...but rope drop was fun waving to people as they passed by!
  4. What positions do/did you hold?
    Merchandise Host, Glow Boy, Stroller Attendant
  5. How many times have you come back to working for Disney?
    Not counting my Campus Rep position, none. I haven't been back to Florida since I left two years ago...I know sadness personified BUT now it's 27 days until I return!
  6. Do/did you prefer working when it’s busy or slow?
    It depended on who I was working with and what day it was. The Emporium was seldom slow and call me crazy..but sometimes I loved the rush we would get after the fireworks or anything like that. I like helping people.
  7. Have you ever been assaulted by a guest?
    Physically? No. But moms can get pretty verbal when you tell them that there are no more princess dresses in their daughters size! You don't wanna be on the losing end of that battle! Also this one time when I was working Glow one guest got mad at me because he literally took something off of the cart and walked away and I told he he had to pay for it bu he was just showing it to his son (who happened to be on the other side of the park but whatever) and thought I was accusing him of stealing. Meh.
  8. What’s your favorite parade?
    Only because I saw it EVERY TIME I worked, Spectromagic, I loved the Disney Dreams Come True Parade as well, but the lights and such get to me lol.
  9. What’s the longest shift you have worked?
    Don't even get me started...um...I think 16 hours but don't quote me on that. Grad Nites and Holidays can be BRUTAL!
  10. Ever been let go from Disney?
  11. Favorite Disney attraction to go on?
    Gotta say Pirates of the Caribbean...I get chills every time I go on that ride!
  12. What is your favorite land?
    Adventureland. I freakin LOVE POTC, Tiki Room and Jungle Cruise.
  13. If you could ask Walt any question, what would it be?
    "Can I have a job?"
  14. What is your favorite show?
    FANTASMIC! ...duh.
  15. Favorite Disney Character?
    Right now it's a tie between Stitch and WALL-E. Although Mickey will always hold a special place in my heart!
  16. Favorite Disney Song?
    A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
  17. Favorite thing to do at the park other than going on attractions?
    People watching. Guests are extremely funny people. A close second would have to be character greeting.
  18. If you could do anything at the park, what would you do?
    I would want to see Walt's Apartment and explore around. That would be extremely cool.
  19. What’s your favorite costume you've had to wear?
    Pirates of the Caribbean by far...LOVED the long striped socks and baggy and breezy shirt/pants combination.
  20. What’s your least favorite costume?
    The Emporium only because it was so unnecessary! The slacks and dress shirt would get hot all the time, plus I had to wear a tacky plad vest that did nothing for my complexion (haha) and the tie the boys had to wear were so complicated to put on I swear I never did it right ever.

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  21. Have you ever done any volunteer work for Disney?
    I did Give Kids the World once and it was one of the best moments of my program.
  22. If you could work any other attraction, what would it be?
    Either as a host at the Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror. I love being creepy.
  23. Did you ever have an annual pass?
    What kind of a question is that?
  24. Have you ever had an annual passholder tell you how to do your job?
    Yes, it always annoyed me when people came and were like "This isn't how they did it 2 years ago" or "I know you carry (this particular item), I saw it here when I was here 2 months ago. THINGS CHANGE PEOPLE!
  25. Are you a pin trader?
    Yes, but I'm not a fanatic. My friend Caitlin and I would go to Cast Pin Parties and find cheap crappy pins and goody bags and trade while we were in the parks. As a merchandise cast member it's pretty hard not to get into Pin Trading if you wear them all the time. I'd see some that I like on my own lanyard and trade with myself. I know...sad.
  26. What is the oddest thing you have had happen to you on the job?
    This one old lady checked me out one time and gave me the "up and down" and flashed her eyes. Very creepy.
  27. What is the most points you have earned?
    Psh, I don't remember. I was a good(ish) Cast Member.
  28. Ever been a trainer?
  29. Ever been a leader?
  30. Ever worked grad nights?
    See Previous Post
  31. Ever worked at a location that isn't there anymore?
  32. CM that you miss that used to work at the parks?
    Everyone I worked with on my Spring '07 Program. Especially my roommates (neighbors included) and my special Emporium friends...
  33. Manager that you miss that worked at the parks?
    Dwight was the best manager ever. He understood our grievances and asked us all the time if we needed anything. Sometimes even gave us ER's if things were slow or if we weren't needed. Coolest manager ever.
  34. Do/did you love working at Disney or are you ready to leave?
    If i didn't love it, I wouldn't be going back! I had bad days, yeah, but I put myself in the mindset of "This is an experience, something that I can (and will) remember for a lifetime so I'll make the most of it."
  35. How long have you been/were you a Cast Member?
    2 years. Spring '07 - Present.
  36. Where was your first Disney job?
    The Emporium in the Magic Kingdom
  37. What is your current Disney job?
    I'm a Campus Representative at Bowling Green State University and we'll see where I end up for the summer. Hopefully back at the Emporium *crosses fingers*!
  38. Least favorite place you've worked?
    MK Strollers "Please take your strollers through the tunnel please....strollers through the tunnels please!" I swear...no one listens. Also working in the small little shop in the front of the park wasn't fun either.
  39. What's your favorite park?
    Magic Kingdom. Always and Forever.
  40. Favorite resort?
    I like the Polynesian. My mom loves it too, trying to get it booked one say so she can stay there.
  41. Which mountain is your favorite?
    Splash. Gotta love the water drop!
  42. Favorite water park?
    Blizzard Beach. I love the Lazy River.
  43. Favorite fireworks show?
    Wishes! ...duh. I saw it every time I worked nights. Sometimes we would sneak out and watch it in the crowd with the rest of the guests. I know it by heart which is both sad and entertaining. When guests weren't looking (because no-one was in the store during Wishes unless they were smart and shopped when no-one was there) I would find one of my girl cast members and waltz with them during the middle section lol.
  44. Do you go to Company D every week?
    Company D? No. Cast Connection and Property Control? Yes. Those stores were my heaven. Can't wait to go back and buy lots of merch on discount!
  45. What was your most memorable guest experience (good)?
    I have alot of them. Probably going up on the roof during Grad Nite with a coupe of my CP Emporium friends and watching The Frey perform and the fireworks after. Or, when they closed down the store outside of Space Mountain (the arcade) for Emporium CP's and we had a little Goodbye party. I also loved just watching people (adults and kids) smile and have fun. Those moments were always special to me.

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  46. What was your most memorable guest experience (bad)?
    See #7. He tried to take down my name and I thought I was going to get fired after that. Meh.
  47. Favorite California Adventure Attraction?
    I've never been to DisneyLand. And it's a sore subject for me so lets skip it ;)
  48. Least Favorite Cast Member Dining Location?
    Adventureland. It was a small like break room where people had to squeeze to get into. Blech.
  49. Favorite Cast Member Dining Location?
    Mouseketeria by far. Good food, Subway, everyone goes there and it was cool seeing the characters in full makeup trying not to smudge their costumes.
  50. Favorite dining location?
    Crystal Palace. I got taken there on my birthday by a good friend.
  51. Have you been on the Disney cruise?
    Not yet, I'm planning one for my family though if I get a full-time job though.
  52. Do/did you eat at work or do you pack your lunch?
    Sometimes I bought lunch but most of the time I packed it.
  53. Least favorite guest question?
    "What time is the 3:00 Parade?"
    "Why is this stuff so expensive?"
    "Do you guys have the Shrek or Thing 1 & 2 shirts? I saw people wearing them and I want it."
    "Where's the castle?"
    "Where's the Golf Ball?"
    "Why are you all wearing the same thing?"
    "Where's the Tower or Terror?"
    "How many Mickey's are there?"
    "Do you have any shirts left" (when there are clearly none on the rack...)
    "Do I get a discount?"
    "Is this all one store?"
    "Where's the bathrooms?"
    "Do you work here?"

Shall I go on?

....Well if you stuck around and read all this, then good for you. Maybe you learned a little about my Disney life, or maybe you're just that bored but in any case have an awesome weekend and make it magical!

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